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G-Team Racing offers a wide variety of high performance Lawn Mower Racing Parts, and Instructional DVDs for those who have lots of questions, but still want to build a High Performance Racing Mower themselves.

If you're looking for custom built G-Force Lawn Mower Engines or parts for your Lawn Mower Racing Engine by Briggs & Stratton, ARC, and others...We have them at G-Team!

Want to know what's new at G-Team Racing? Check out the following links to the latest hot products in the G-Team line along with our monthly sales.

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Due to a shift change, (Day Job) and being extramely busy in the shop this time of year G-Team is unable to accept most real time phone calls but, we will return each and every voicemail as soon as we can !
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Lawn Mower Racing Parts

G-Team Racing offers a full line of Custom Lawn Mower Racing components; beginning with our custom built G-Force Lawn Mower Racing engines, G-Force Racing Cams, and entire Racing Mower Chassis. We also carry a substantial line of high performance Briggs & Stratton racing parts, and ARC Racing Parts for Briggs & Stratton Engines.

Have a special request in your Lawn Mower Racing needs? Need your favorite Briggs Racing Cam duplicated... Contact G-Team Racing for a quote!

Lawnmower Racing Tutorials & Instructional DVDs


Briggs & Stratton Motor SportsHas your Racing Mowchine got you stumped? Do you have questions about how to set up or tweak your racing lawnmower? Need instructions on how to build a High Performance Briggs? Want to know what jet works best in what model carb? Can't turn left but you can turn right? Then order a copy of the the G-Team Racing DVD. Have questions you need answered up front by one of the experts, visit the HeyMow Forum! G-Team's founder, Don Gienger and other members of the US Lawn Mower Racing Association will do their best to answer your questions.

Looking for in-depth instruction on how to build a racing lawn mower, see our new G-Force instructional DVDs for the latest June 7, 2009 how to build a competitive Racing Mower from the ground up, is now as close as your DVD player, and available from G-Team Racing. See the Instructional DVD page to see what's available, and what's up next in respect to mowin' grass and haulin' ass.


Lawnmower Racing Links

Searching for links about the sport of Lawnmower Racing, maybe a local Lawn mower Racing Chapter, Lawnmower Racing Resources links, Mower Parts links, or G-Force Racing Enginesjust wanting to look at other Lawn Mower Racing Web sites. G-Team has Lawn Mower Racing links for you, whatever the case may be. Our G-Sources page sports the largest collection of Lawn Mower Racing links known to exist!!

And, having looked at every Lawnmower Racing link there I can safely say that folks!!


Lawnmower Racing News


Bismarck man mowing down the competition

He pulled the plug on the grinder right after a shower of sparks shot to the floor of the garage, just in front of a tall cupboard with a metal sign screwed to the door.

"Mr. Mow it All," it said.

That's what people in the mow call Don Gienger, though his yard isn't expertly trimmed or anything.


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