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* Have questions on which ARC Flywheel you need, click here...
** The 6611, 6611 IV, and 6611-VG Flywheels require the BIG Briggs starter ~ 808726 Nippendenso Starter w/solenoid -For G-Team Pricing, call Don @ 701 400 4084

Wondering which flywheel you need??

The 6611-28 fits all 12 hp or 28 CID motors. Any Briggs motor starting with the model number 28 (first two digits of a Briggs model number is the CID ) is what it will fit. Briggs has a 31 too!!! Yep that is where I get the parts to make the 31 Flatty I do. The 6611-28 wheel fits it also.

The 6611-VG is for the Vanguard Twin motors only. And, the 6611 IV is for the Intek Twin motor. Same looking wheel just a different hub to meet application.

6609 wheel is for the 8 hp only and requires the mag adapter too. 8hp wheels do not need the HD starter like the 28, 31 and VG Twins.

Back to the flywheels...

Special Note... Anything ARC sells G-Team can sell at a small discount. Wheels, brakes and so much more. Check with G-Team Racing first for special prices.



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