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Kickin Grass with G-Team

The 22 Special!  

Our Briggs 8hp modifications are now tried and proven folks! Running well on the circuit in Wisconsin and other locations on the Road the G-Team 22 Special is Kickin Grass! Designed for the serious AP Class racer, it starts out as a plain old ordinary 8hp - 19 cid Briggs. The G-Team 22 Special then undergoes extensive machining and modifications to arrive at an awesome 22 cid with loads of grass kickin' power! So how fast is it? Well our 22 Special Test Pilot had this to say...

"Went out for 'mixed' practice, mowchine was as any S/P I ran no one passed me on the hot laps, I was all up on them...things were looking good. Started in back on Feature...pulled to second on a good start followed for 3-4 laps (all up in leaders draft) figured his "slow" point and made a move...after that I just pulled the field...good 1/2 lap ahead... and then I backed down and ran fairly conservitive after I realized I had it in the bag."

G-Team 22 Special - Greenwood





The G-Team Killer Intek

Which one is it??? We'll never tell! You'll just have to follow it to the finish line to find out! Currently under development the Intek line has significant potential in several engines. Only time will tell which one will clearly be the leader in the field.

What's our test pilot there say??

"BP Feature- I took off running to the mower, mind you I was on poll, as I approached the mower I nailed my pushbutton/teather and it started, as I brought my leg over the machine I grabbed the throttle and was already going into turn 1. Now I finally sat down!! Coming out of 2 the remaing BPs we're finally entering turn 1!!! I got half a lap ahead of Troy in the first 3 laps and by lap 10 I was 3/4 lap ahead. I could see him entering 1 as I was leaving 4!!"

Killer Intek

Killer Intek

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