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Thanksgiving Special


The Donmownator has a few new ideas he wants to try for the forthcoming season, wants a different power plant on a machine or two, and therefore is cleaning house and starting anew. At least with power plants!

Up for sale are 5 G-Team prepared engines... these are all engines built for the G-Team fleet of mowers, the Donmownators own mowers, so he's got the good stuff in them... These are Don Gienger motors that were run in his mowers this past summer. They have been raced but will be freshened up and ready to go.


The motors are -

1 - 31 CID's - SP motors!! Fresh and very little raced. Tons of new and cool parts. $500 plus $50 for S&H!! Each... of course! No you don't get both for that either!

1 - OHV Single - Yep and it is out of his FX!! Can be used for FX or CP. It is a 28 CID motor. Complete would be $1,100 with wheel and everything or he will strip it down to your requested needs for less.

Should anyone of you guys be interested in these motors, give the G-Man a shout you'll find all contact info on the G-Team website here.


These power plants go to the first two folks to call and send the $$$$.

Yes... Decals will be included too!


Contact G-Team Racing to place your order today!

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