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The Don-Mow-Nator!

Meet the G-Man

The G-Man, the Donmownator... Don Gienger a fun loving family man, likes to build go fast lawn mowers! This guys eats sleeps lives and breathes Briggs Engines. He's a walking encyclopedia of Briggs parts numbers. G-Team Racing has been built on his love of buildling small engines. G-Team is still thus far a second means of income. Don's day job (or actually night job), he's employed as a machinist with Ingersoll Rand at the Bobcat plant in Bismarck, ND. Works the Graveyard shift, 11 - 7 has for the better part of his 14 years working at the plant.

G-Team History
(the business venture)

Need some History on G-Team, how you got started, when you got started, why you got into building your own parts and then selling them.

G-Team Presently

Where you're currently at with the business, working on more exposure through the site... Future of G-Team

Expansion plans, proposed product lines, experimental lawn craft, planned growth, etc., etc.

Don, Shirely, and Sami

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