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G-Team Contact

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Don Gienger ~ G-Team Racing

735 Concord Dr.
Bismarck ND 58504

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Cell: (701) 400-4084

E-mail -


Shipping Charges

Shipping charges may vary depending on what you want and how fast you want it. I do my best to find the cheapest ways of shipping. Always e-mail or talk to me about the cost before ordering anything or sending money.


G-Team Pay Pal Link

Need to send the G-Man funds for your parts?? Click the Pay Pal link below and it will take you to the right place at Pay Pal. The temporary button here assumes that you have spoken to the Big Guy and have your total bill figured out, including shipping charges.

Please do not send payment until you have spoken with Don and shipping has been figured into your bill.

If you read all that above, you can click the button and go to Pay Pal now.... Otherwise, go back and read it!


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Rocky Thomas ~ Dakota SEO & Design

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Phone: (386) 984-7929

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