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Mower Men Make Mower Music!

It's here folks! By request the Mower Men have returned to bless the Lawn Mower Racing community with a second CD full of lawn mower racing tunes! And you can get it now - Mower from the Mower Men at CD

Mower Men 2 CD

Since the release of their 2002 critically acclaimed first CD, Mower Music, The Mower Men have been hard to find, as usual. Rumors have it that one guy has moved to Florida, where he fishes the waters near Everglades City. Another Mower Man allegedly operates a boiled peanut stand on the side of the road somewhere in rural Georgia. There may be another member of the band who, by day, opens doors for citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as they enter the halls of government. At night, he listens to the radio in his garage, drinking beer and snacking on crackers with cheese sprayed from a can.

Want more of Doug Carman's Music? Click here y'all!!

The Original Mower Men - Mower Music CD

You've heard about it folks, you may have even heard it, but didn't know where to find it, well here it is! Available now from CD Baby... Mower Music is well worth the investment! Believe me folks, the confirmation on your order from CD Baby is worth the price!

Mower Music CD

Here are a few early reviews:

"It's the best darn music I've heard since the last Britney Spears album." - USLMRA President, Bruce Kaufman.

"It's the definitive musical work on the sport of lawn mower racing--It's also the only musical work on lawn mower racing." - USLMRA Racing Commissioner, Ken Jones.

Order your copy of Mower Music. Then maybe you'll be able to answer the question; "How mow can you go?"

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