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G-Team Racing specializes in the development of Briggs & Stratton vertical shaft racing motors for lawn mower racing. Years of experience dedication, and commitment to the performance of these motors goes G-Force Lawn Mower Racing Enginesinto every G-Force Engine. Each of the G-Forced Briggs motors is hand tuned and race worthy before leaving the G-Team shop.

Want more performance out of your existing Briggs racing engine, add a G-Force Cam! Custom designed to generate more horsepower our G-Force Cams have proven a leader in Lawn Mower Racing all over the US and much of Canada. Each cam profile is application tuned to the mods per motor installed. Now utilizing the new Ginford 5000 Cam Duplicating Tool, G-Team can reproduce our race proven cams to exacting specification.

Have a race cam you're madly in love with? Contact the Mad Machinist at G-Team he'll make you another one just like it!!


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