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North Dakota
Lawn Mower Racing Association

The North Dakota Lawn Mower Racing Association has moved to it's own little yard on the web, you'll now find all you want to know about the NDLMRA and it's members at!

That having been said....

The NDLMRA is looking for Lawn Mower Racers!!

You've seen them on TV and as the article above indicates they are here in ND, and have been for awhile now. If you think you might be interested in becoming a part of the fastest Growing Motor sport in the World, contact the NDLMRA and let us fill you in on what all is involved and let you take a look at the Mowchines!

Likewise if your community or civic group is looking at holding a fund raiser and needs someone to perform for your crowd give us a shout! As is noted above we do not race for purse, we race strictly trophies, braggin' rights, and the enjoy of it. Lawn Mower Racing is a family oriented fun time for you crowd.

Contact the NDLMRA:
Rocky Thomas - President NDLMRA
Don Gienger - G-Team Racing / Race Director & Founder NDLMRA

NDLMRA Announcements -

Building a Mower in ND?

Are you buildling a racing mower anticipating running an NDLMRA event??? Be advised the North Dakota Lawn Mower Racing Association is a member of the US Lawn Mower Racing Association. We do run the USLMRA Rules, we do abide by the USLMRA rules, we do require USLMRA membership.

If you're building a mower it would be wise to talk with an existing member who is familiar with the technical aspects of the USLMRA rules so that your mower is built to proper specifications. All mowers undergo Tech Inspection PRIOR to racing, and mowchines not meeting the USLMRA guidelines are not allowed to race.

You must be a member to race any NDLMRA sanctioned event. The only exception to this rule is allowing for a stock class comprised of local racers. Otherwise if you are competing in NDLMRA Racing events you must have paid USLMRA Dues and had an official race number assigned by the USLMRA assigner of numbers! Points in Local Chapter Races are included in USLMRA points and thus your number must be unique on the national level to avoid database conflicts in the keeping of points!

Please contact one of the gentlemen with the NDLMRA listed above before getting carried away in building a mower!!

Think the NDLMRA doesn't get around?

The NDLMRA was also featured on Discovery Channels Monster Nation. For a copy of this show contact us.

2005 NDLMRA Photos -




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