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G-Team USLMRA Scattershield

The G-Team Scattershield

Meeting and exceeding the USLMRA Specs G-Team's February special is the NEW G-Team Scattershield! Available in primed black only, you've got to paint to match your blower housing guys. We anticipate too much confusion trying to get these out in everyone's specified colors!

G-Team introductory priced at - only $50.00 includes shipping and handling to continental US only. Sorry guys, there will be a slight additional fee for shipping to those of you nroth of the border.

Constructed from 1/8" steel with dual 3/16" reinforcement strap, and reinforced starter housing strap. This scattershield exceeds USLMRA specs for scattershield construction. The additional strap over the top of the shield with each strap strategically located over the outer edges of the starter housing notch in the lower portion of the shield provides additional strength in reinforcing the G-Team scattershield.

USLMRA Scattershield Specifications:

2006 USLMRA Rulebook - General Mower Requirement - Section Y

Y) Flywheels must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be unmodified Stock or
  2. 100% Billet or
  3. Modified Stock along with an approved scatter shield (guidelines below).

All Scatter shields used on a USLMRA lawnmowers must adhere to the following specifications:

  1. Scatter shields must be fabricated from 1/8" steel minimum.
  2. The scatter shield must be form fitting and follow all of the contours of the blower housing.
  3. The scatter shield must be the same height (vertical shaft) or same width (horizontal shaft) as the blower housing and be bolted to the block using the original mounting points.
  4. A 1" X 1/8" minimum steel strap must run across the face of the blower housing to reinforce the scatter shield, side to side.
  5. Notches for starter drives must be reinforced to at least one inch past each end of the notch.
  6. Any holes drilled into shield for items such as dip stick holder or fuel pump must be 1/4 inch or less.
  7. The scatter shield must be painted to match the engine’s blower housing.


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